An Old Creed

So many people try so hard to live happy, successful lives that they lose sight of how much success and happiness is around them. Have vision. Have goals. Don’t let either get in the way of the joy that’s attainable today. Work hard, but remember today will never come again, and tomorrow is uncertain. Be friend to all, even when it’s not reciprocated. Give freely of yourself and your belongings and you will never want. Allow others to be first. Never teach, but lead with all your being, using what you know to be true and good. He has and will guide. These thoughts are a summary of what I know to be true and good. They are not new thoughts, but have been taught to me over time. Never forget, always defend those in trouble. Most importantly, take every day as your first and last chance to make a difference in your world. We all have the opportunity and ability… Few take it.