Czech Republic Poetry Travel

Cobblestone Dances

Cold and hot, instance and essence, We walked those cobbled streets, exhaling in short puffs to try and hold some of their warmth. ‘Did you see?’ I would say. ‘Do you hear?’ she would say. We discovered which arm positions best suited our frames, Which allowed for the closest proximity and walking fluidity, Like a […]


Eternal Equality

And in the east the fire-orange glow creeps over the horizon, touching mountaintops with its silent warm fingers, leaving valleys chilled in the forgetful fog of night. The merging of two worlds, repeated as it has for eons, and newborn fresh even still. Somewhere, at any given time, this dance continues, with night telling day, […]

France Travel

Lindy Hop Osmosis

I drove through beautiful farmlands and medieval towns, to get here to Eauze. Surrounded by sunflower fields and a cool breeze, the world seems transfixed on the rising of the sun. I met some friends here who are teaching at a dance festival. The attendees are French, Spanish, German, Russian, American, Swedish – Speaking different […]