Germany Travel

The Fear in Frankfurt

Sitting in the Frankfurt Airport… It’s 5:44am and I arrived here last night around 7pm. I may have slept for about 45 minutes. It’s an ironic ending to my journey – a sleepless night in Europe. I still love this travel, and find myself so conflicted in my desires: The desire to continue this relentless […]

Journal Poetry

Divorce in Few Words

Tonight, the words they must change, to actions, this can’t stay the same. Her request seems the death, but if life will come next, God help me to handle the pain.


Is a Man a Fool

Is a man a fool that tries and tries again, to mend the wounds, of attitudes, and hurts that he’s brought in? For in my mind I rationalize all the things I want to say, with a somber groan and a baritone I leave notes throughout the day. I know not yet if they’re received […]