Inspired Silence is simple.

lightblurIt is the place in your mind where you are still. It’s the place where the wind whispers and the rocks grumble in low tones. It is not forced and it does not force, though it is powerful. My inspired silence comes when I am in a foreign place, or when I meet new people. It needn’t be in a high mountain forest far away from civilization, though it often is.

It is not a place where I am trying to be anything, but a medium where I can write from a free place. It is my hope that this outlet for my writing provides some brief insight, some small taste of the way I experience the world. My writing is my catharsis and a method for me to begin healing and discovering ways to be the best version of me I can be. I’ll attest to often failing at this endeavor, often trading humility for selfishness. I find myself frequently preaching community, relational accountability and openness, and yet shy from it myself. I hope this blog can begin a conversation between us, between your friends and family, and perhaps even between you and God.

On my journey I fall and fail. I’ve got bruised knees and scarred elbows. I’m asking questions that I may never get answers to, and coming up with new questions as chapters unfold. Some days I don’t know what I believe, and others I’m a solid champion for the cause.