Airplane Travel

Sun Chaser

Almost landing in LA. It’s strange – Ever since I was a child I have thought that if someone wanted to, they could fly west, indefinitely following the sun. Today I am a sun chaser. Soaking in the light and life of something I will never come close to, never really comprehend its power, and […]

Germany Travel

The Fear in Frankfurt

Sitting in the Frankfurt Airport… It’s 5:44am and I arrived here last night around 7pm. I may have slept for about 45 minutes. It’s an ironic ending to my journey – a sleepless night in Europe. I still love this travel, and find myself so conflicted in my desires: The desire to continue this relentless […]

Croatia Travel

Split, Croatia

The elegant woman in the sun hat with an ice-cold demeanor. The awkward teenage boys with their vacation-bought t-shirts. The Canadian family with no less than 5 Canadian flags at their reach – bag tags, shirts, etc. This is Split Airport. Holding zone forĀ  all the sunseekers, the escapists-for-a-week, the tired parents hoping for a […]