Germany Travel

The Fear in Frankfurt

Sitting in the Frankfurt Airport…
It’s 5:44am and I arrived here last night around 7pm. I may have slept for about 45 minutes. It’s an ironic ending to my journey – a sleepless night in Europe. I still love this travel, and find myself so conflicted in my desires: The desire to continue this relentless quest for answers and new questions. The desire to return to L.A. and begin a new chapter of life and growing.
On the flight here from M√ľnster I was hit with a bizarre fear. The fear that the return to L.A. will bring back the distraught feelings I had last year – Rather than a clean slate, a solid reset, will this trip have served to be merely a pause of all the emotions that had been spilling out of me? I know I do not return the same, but that which is different may not be that which is desirable or profitable.